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The property right defence: legal opinion of the Supreme Court of Ukraine

The Legal Opinion of the Supreme Court of Ukraine as of 10 February, 2016 on Case # 6-2124цс15

Under provision of the Article 392 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (CC) claim on the property rights  recognition may be brought, firstly, if person is the owner of the property, but their right is  not recognized or challenged by another person; secondly, if person has lost title documents.

The Article 328 of CC provides, that the property right is acquired basing upon unforbidden reasons, including, agreements.

The property right will be acquired legally, if not specified otherwise by the law or if the illegality is not specified by court.

Whereas under the Article 328 of CC acquisition of the property right is a legal structure with which the law binds the person’s  origin of the legal property right on certain objects, the court using this provision ought to establish relevant legal reasons as well as mechanism of the acquisition of the property right at the issue as well as it is liable to defense the right in accordance to the provisions of the Article 392 of CC.

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